Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So, busy week. But I saw such an interesting creature yesterday while making a bank run for the salon, that I couldn’t help but share.

Now, let me preface this by saying that our salon is in a very nice area of town. BMW’s and Audi’s are commonplace, as is an $18 burger and high end Doggie Salons. I, obviously, am WAY out of my league in this area…but I’m there to mix it up.

Anyway, I’m sitting in line at the bank and see a lovely old school Jaguar pull up. The car was an attention getter and was in great shape, so I waited to see who, or rather what got out of the car. What a treat for me!

Let me tell you that the gentleman that got our of the car was probably in his mid- to late-50’s and dressed in head to toe Versace. Jeans, shirt(s) and shoes. You could tell from the obnoxious labels. He got out the tiniest little rat dog and then turned and looked at me.

Ya’ll. Wow. Really.

Imagine this if you will. Picture what it might look like if this man:

Mickey Rourke

Had a 50 year old love child with this woman:


It was truly horrific. Know when to say when buddy.

I also saw a woman, in this same little shopping area, that looked even more out of place than the Crazy Face Lift Man of 2010. We’ll call her Bettysue. She pulled up in front of a store in her Chevy Celebrity circa 1984 and got out in overalls and curlers in her hair. Now, in my hometown – not a problem. In this little area, it was like showing up naked to a state dinner.

I just wanted to go over and say “you’re not from around here are you?”

More posts tomorrow night, just had to share this mental image with you before I went to bed. Sweet dreams  my little reader monkey’s!

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