Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Update and thoughts

Just wanted to take a quick moment to give you some updates on c-store land.

About 3 weeks ago, ProLoft and her boy-toy came by the store to tell me some very big news for the two of them. After much consideration, they are moving to Chicago! (bet you thought i was going to say she was "with child"!!!!) Yes, after one 3-day weekend in Chicago, the town is calling to them and they can't resist her pull. Evidently Boy-Toy's mom just bought a mobile-phone skin kiosk in a surburban mall. ProLoft and her luver will be living in his mom's basement and running said kiosk.

Ah...who said the American Dream doesn't come true? I mean, what young kid from a broken home who is hopped up on multiple anti-depressants doesn't dream of living in her boyfriend's mom's basement and running a mall kiosk in the big city. Dreams are a beautiful thing.

And how do I know all of these intimate details, well they told me because I am "like one of their best friends in town." So, boy-toy has already moved and as soon as that pesky domestic violence situation is cleared up on the 14, ProLoft will be off to join him. Good bye ProLoft, enjoy Chicago-land.

Following the theme of departures, Backwoods let me know yesterday that she had turned in her two-week notice and is moving back to her mom's house in the greater Springfield metroplex. Evidently, she can't pay her rent at her dad's house and since he's turned off her power in the basement, and the unforeseen dumping of Backwoods by her boyfriend, she has made this painful decision. She said that she's really going to miss me, but the "big city" just isn't for her. Not enough of her type of men here. She's still going to go to nursing school, it's her passion you know, and she is bound and determined to get the guy from the quicki-lube next door in the back of her truck (if you know what I mean) before she leaves.

I'm sure there will be plenty of good Backwoods fodder prior to her last day, but time is definitely not on our side.

Goldie and BM2
A brief post only, but I got an update on Goldie and BM2 last week. Evidently their love only lasted as long as it took him to move back to the hood. Yep, whoever says that love conquers all hasn't been East of the Paseo...especially if you're a JoCo princess. From what I understand, Goldie and BM1 are "dating" again and things are going good. Always good to have a back-up baby mama when times get rough.

Customer of the night
Tommy Tweaker
So, I had to call the police last night on an OBVIOUSLY impaired tweaker that we had stumble in the store. This guy was a real treat, with one of the worst cases of meth-mouth I had ever seen. He was chewing constantly (with nothing in his mouth) and was generally disoriented. He tried to pull out of the drive and was on the wrong side of the road, then threw it into reverse and pulled into a quickie-lube parking spot and promptly passed out. This was after his meth-driven conversation at the store and his great impersonation of a horse pawing at the ground as he was trying to get into the car.

He was very, very friendly...if you could overlook the fact that he had Little Orphan Annie eyes and scratched constantly. The police had a nice little visit with him and let him go on his merry way (hope you're as shocked as I was). So, if you see a tan Astro Van with Dot plates, cut him a wide berth...he's probably Tommy Tweaker out for a drive.

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  1. I just found your blog after great recommendations, from some lovely ladies at the LPC regional workshop. Definitely looking forward to more stories.