Monday, October 5, 2009

Why is Pumping Gas so Complicated?

Happy Monday! Interesting weekend in c-store land. Most of the drama was focused on Friday night.

Let me start by saying I'm constantly amazed by the number of people who don't know how to pump gas. From not understanding how to use their card at the pump, to literally not knowing how to make it work. Especially adults who are well past the age of "understanding" the pump. I've even had people that have tried to put cash in the credit card slot and came in to complain that the pump wasn't working. Thanks Einstein! But Friday, it was a special kind of incident.

About 6 p.m. I looked up and saw a woman driving away from the pump...with the nozzle still in her BMW SUV. I had customers in the store and transactions in process, so I couldn't just run out to stop her. But what she did next was the height of JoCo bitchyness.

She realizes that she still has the nozzle in her car, so she stops in the middle of the parking lot. She gets out and removes the nozzle and dangling hose from the gas tank. She drops it on the ground and drives away. WTF?

Did she come in and tell me? Did she take it back to the pump? Nope, she just left it laying there. In the middle of the parking lot with gas spewing from the pump and pouring out of the hose. Spoiled bitch.

So I go out and pick up the nozzle/hose and take it back to the pump, then call Manager to see what he wants me to do. He says just put the nozzle/hose in a plastic bag in the back and clean up the gas. Should I put an out of order sign up I asked. His answer -- No, they can't pump gas with no nozzle and that's pretty evident. With my marching orders, I did as I was told and got things picked up...all during a very busy Friday night.

About 30 minutes pass and a guy comes into the store to let me know that "something is wrong with pump 7." Yes sir, I doesn't have a nozzle or a hose. His answer "well, it's spewing gas all over the place."

I go out and find out that some genius pulled up the pump, while he was on the phone, then proceeded to run his credit card and start the damn pump...before he noticed that there wasn't a way to pump gas. And you guessed it folks, he yelled at me that there wasn't anything to tell him it was out of order.

What the hell do you want sir? Was the fact that the piece that actually allows you to put the gas IN your car was missing not a big enough clue? Maybe we can get a quasi-naked dancing girl to stand in-front of the pump for your viewing pleasure while I clean up the 3 gallons of gas you just caused to spew all over the place. Ass Clown.

I had Saturday night off so when I came in last night, I anticipated that the pump would be fixed. Incorrect. It was still "out of order" and a lovely red sign had been put up stating that point. Despite this, I had to tell no fewer than five people during the night that they couldn't use that pump. One even got pissed at me and yelled because I waited until he got out of his car to tell him that the pump didn't work. Meats and cheeses people are stupid.

With all of this said, I would like to declare the patrons of Pump 7 my customers of the night. Nobody could top their high functioning degree of stupidity.

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