Tuesday, October 20, 2009

week in review

Sorry for the delayed posting folks. I was fighting off something last week and other than work and sleep, not a lot got accomplished. Wanted to share some things with you and give you a little glimpse into the last few days.

Return of Tinky Winky

So, last Thursday...after Backwoods left...I was blessed with the appearance of three motorcycle riding Teletubbies. I was on the phone with Manager when they roared into the parking lot in all their fuzzy-suited glory. I busted up laughing, and of course Manager wanted to know why. So I shared with him that we had Teletubbies as customers. His response..."Do you think they are there to rob you?" What the hell? It was 5 p.m. and the lot was packed. I'm pretty sure robbers are a little smarter than that.

So, I went outside and had a little chat with our tubbie friends. They had picked up their Halloween costumes and took them for a spin. Folks, until you've seen a grown ass man in a green fuzzy suit smoking a cigarette and buying beer, you haven't truly seen odd.

I knew that you'd want proof of the Teletubbie invasion, so I took some snapshots for you. For those of you here in the Jo, you know have a little clue as to our station location.

Dumb-Dumb Moments
Some of these fall under the "your not doing your kids any favors" topic and some are just too good to pass up. Either way, they are now yours to ponder.
1) Teach your damn kids where money comes from and how it works.
Now, I know I've said this before, but I continue to be baffled by how little kids know about money. We get a little bit of everything. I get at least two kids a night who either a) don't know how to count money or b) ask me if we still take coins. Seriously? You are of legal driving age and you don't know if the nickel is still legal tender in the US? Put your damn cell phone down and open you flockin' ears dumb-dumb.
The kid I had yesterday really shocked me. He is probably 17 years old and looks as if he has nasty, nasty dreams about his tuba if you know what I mean. Mommy and Daddy bought him a new BMW SUV for his birthday that he drives very cautiously. He never comes in with friends, nor does he really speak. We'll probably see him on the news someday with heads in his freezer. Anyway, he came in and used is credit card last night and I asked him if he'd like it ran as a credit or debit. this simple question baffled him. His response "The one that you sign?" I informed him that when you sign that is a credit card purchase. He literally told me "I've never heard that before...interesting."
You have a flippin' credit card and YOU'VE NEVER HEARD THAT???? What else does tiny Dalmer not know? Has he heard that you have to actually pay for those swipes with that little card? Christ almighty folks. Maybe spend time with your kids instead of spending money on them...you're doing yourself and society a favor.
2) Stupid Request People
I get so many of these a day that you wouldn't believe them. The guy on Sunday night, was one of my favorite of late. It went something like this:
Guy: "I came in here a couple of days ago and bought gas."
Me: "Okay, what can I do for you?"
Guy: "I want you to turn the air machine on so that i can fill up my tires."
Me: "Do you need quarters or something?"
Guy: "No, I want you to just push the override and turn the air on, after all I have bought gas here."
Me: "Sir, I can't do that. One, we don't have that capability and two, you can't come in several days after you shop here and demand a free service."
Guy: "This is ridiculous! You can kiss my business goodbye...you don't know how to take care of customers" ...Cue dramatic exit through a group of customers who were in line.
3) Inappropriate Bathroom Man
I understand that sometimes, nature doesn't call when you are in the comfort of your own home. That is why there are public restrooms. But there are limits to what you should do in public. Take our bathroom ranger from last Thursday. He came in the store around 9:45 and headed straight to the pisser. 30 minutes and two flushes later, he was still in the bathroom. He emerged for a few minutes to get a drink and a bag of chips...AND WENT BACK IN. If you have to be in a restroom so long that you need a freakin' SNACK you probably should take that as a hint to GO HOME.
I finally left the store at 10:30 and he was still there. Our overnight guy told me that he strolled out at about 10:50 -- yes more than 1 hour in our restroom -- got a refill and left. I'm just glad we don't sell magazines.

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  1. I am afraid to say that my husband is defending bathroom ranger. He wants to know if he purchased Gatorade in order to replenish? He also thinks it's awfully presumptuous that you would assume the poor man could make it all the way home. This is what I get for reading your blog post to him.