Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bad Blogger, No Posts

Happy Thursday readers. I'd like to apologize for the serious lapse in posting. I had a couple of days off and just needed a bit of a break. But I'm back with new fodder to hopefully perk up your day.

As you may have heard, Power Ball was at 170,000,000 last night and people go CRAZY when the Power Ball has been won in a while. We get all types in on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Most of the folks just want their tickets, but the superstitions that go with them are a hoot. Here are just some of the things that people do:
  • They won't pay for their tickets with the rest of their purchase...they have special money.
  • Won't buy tickets with anything except for their winnings from a previous ticket.
  • They want a quick pick, but insist on filling out a lottery card for it rather than just letting me hit the "quick pick" button.
  • They won't fill out a card, they want me to manually enter each of their numbers because I did that once and they won.

There is also an issue of a language barrier with some folks. I try to be very patient and understanding with folks who don't speak English as their first language. I've shown a man from Pakistan how to use our gas pumps because he just got to our country. I try to work with our Hispanic customers and have gone online and figured out how to read the Mexican licenses to find out their birthdays. But I have a challenge with Asian people and their lottery tickets.

One, I don't understand them. I try, but I have a VERY hard time understanding what they say. Now, you throw in numbers and lottery games and you've got an issue. I spent 10 minutes with a man last night trying to explain that you couldn't pick for numbers for the pick three game.

The other challenge I have is Asian people, more than any other group who have another first language, use yes as an answer for everything. I had an older gentleman that was buying Power Ball. I asked him if he'd like the Power Play option...he smiled and said yes, so I gave him the Power Play. When I gave him the ticket he got VERY mad and said he didn't want that and didn't know what it was. I explained it to him and he begrudgingly took the ticket. He then ordered more tickets and yelled at me to LISTEN to him. I repeated it back, he smiled, said yes and shook his head in the yes motion. I printed the tickets and he got mad again and asked if I was stupid because i got it wrong. ARGH!!!! I don't know how to help these people and i know it pisses them off, but I can't understand.

The other group of lottery buyers that crack me up are the ones that come in and ask for a losing ticket. Seriously? Is that what you want? If you don't believe you'll ever win and that every ticket you get is a losing ticket, why spend your $10? I believe that you bring things to you, and asking for a losing ticket will never bring $170,000,000 to you.

There are even those that blame me for their losing tickets. As in "could you please pick some better numbers for me this time? I spend a lot of money here and would appreciate you picking at least one winning number for me." Really? I have the power to pick the winning and losing tickets? Listen dummy, if i could do that, I wouldn't be working in a freaking c-store right now. The computer picks...I just push the button. If you want to take control of your numbers, then pick your damn numbers. Don't blame your loser-hood on me.

I'll be glad when someone wins that damn jackpot so that life can go back to the other odd :)

Customer of the Night

This goes back to last week, but it was so good, I couldn't pass up sharing it with you. I had a woman come in last Thursday night that looked to be in her early 40's, even if her wardrobe looked lost in the 80's. She came in with a water bottle and asked if she could leave it on the counter while she got something with "more energy" to drink. Of course I said sure and watched her walk into the store.

Now let me describe our Thursday princess. She was very, very thin...the kind of thin that only comes from a high level of drug usage or modeling for a major fashion magazine and I can tell you it wasn't the second. She had on way too much black eyeliner and damn near everything she had on was bedazzled. Seriously folks, I've seen pro wrestlers with fewer gems and sequins on. She had a bedazzled belt buckle that looked like a hand gun. Stone washed jeans that had the knees out and rhinestones down the sides of both legs. She had on her Desperately Seeking Susan lace half gloves and bangles, and rings on each finger.

I watch her bounce around the store until the bathroom came open and she darted in. Now, she was in the bathroom for nearly 30 minutes...which is always a bad sign. When she came out, girl was on fast forward. She was zipping all around the store and licking one of her rings. When she got up to the counter, her pupils were dilated to the size of the end of my finger. Girl was tweaking to no end and she bought a giant red bull.

My only conclusion was that she was doing drugs. In our bathroom. What in the holy hell is it about our restroom that makes people want to do drugs here? And who does that anyway? I'm baffled by the need for people to do drugs in public. What the hell folks. Listen to Nancy Regan. Just say no!

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  1. Give me a call sometime, Katana. I can explain the 'yes' thing with your Asian customers.