Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday Night Special

Sorry for the lateness of the post this morning folks. I'm fighting some kind of bug and it has me dragging a bit.

Last night was an eye opening experience for me. Now, let me preface this by saying that up until last month, I've been in a salary based position for the last 15 years. If I was ill, I worked from home or didn't work. It made sense to take a bit of time and feel better, rather than drag yourself way down and make other people sick as well. In the hourly world, that isn't the case.

I started feeling bad yesterday about 15 minutes after getting to work. At first I thought that my lunch just wasn't setting well, but after the 6th trip to the bathroom and the constant dizziness, i knew it was something more. Of course, I was the only person working on my shift so there wasn't anyone in the store to cover for me...but when the manager called me to check-in, I mentioned to him that i was feeling really bad.

His response -- "Well, there is nobody to cover for you so you're going to have to stick it out."

Are you kidding me? You'd rather have me here, being sick around your customers, where you provide food, than finding a solution. Newsflash dipshit, as the manager, it's your job to cover for people when they can't work. I've spent half of my shift in the bathroom and your response is "stick it out."

Now, to his credit, he did call me back and let me know that he tried to see if anyone wanted overtime to come in and cover for me, but they didn't. He only offered to come in later in the night after three phone calls. If you're not capable of covering, then you need to make sure that our store is staffed so that you don't have to. Four employees, two of which are related to your ass, does not count as covered ass clown.

And speaking of staffing the store, you may want to look at your working conditions and salary when half of the applicants to your store have "registered offender" on the license and the other half reek of pot. Maybe get a damn chair or give folks a raise and you'll get better applicants who want to work there...not have to. And by the way, if you hired a "registered offender," expect my notice. I know I'm not the hottest number on the block, but if you want me to work by myself, in a deserted store, with someone convicted of a sex crime, you're out of your DAMN mind.

Then. THEN! I get a call about 8:30 from Manager who tells me that he left a note for the overnight guy, but when he thought about it he might want to tell me of our stores was robbed on Monday night. You MIGHT want to tell me? I work alone in a store and you MIGHT want to let me know that someone is robbing our stores...during my shift. You are a freaking genius.

He then let's me know that i need to lower the amount of cash I leave in my drawer, because if I was to get robbed and the robbers get away with more than $110, then i would instantly lose my job.

Just take a moment and process that one.

I get robbed. I'm the victim. Doing my job and keeping my drawer as you've told me all along...which is well over the $110 level. I get fired for giving too much money to the robber. How in the hell do you fire someone for being the victim of a crime. You do that and I'll own a freaking convenience store. What a shit way to deal with people. So I'm supposed to do thousands of dollars of business and never have more than $110 in my drawer. Freaking lovely.

Ahh dysfunction. No customer of the day today folks. I don't feel good and I'm still too damn irritated to think about the crazy customers. Have a great Wednesday.


  1. Three, four new posts at once? Loved it! Hey, don't get too pissed at the manager OK? If you have to quit the C store it will break all of your readers' hearts. I mean, I want your business to take off and you to be the next Donald Trump of JoCo, but the Cstore stories are too engaging. Many will be sad when you leave.

  2. Ass clown was supposed to tell you that keeping the drawer empty is for YOUR protection. At least some of the robbers (strung out drug addicts excepted) will buy something first and get a look at how fat the till is before he takes the risk. No 20s, no robbery. $110 is too much in my opinion, but then, they'd probably get pissy if you weren't able to break a benjamin. PLEASE tell me your safe gives you change in tubes, time controlled? They should set it up to despense maybe two $20-bills at a time for when you need to break a big bill. In my day we didn't take 50s or 100s and we kept less then $35 on hand, but times change.