Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rainy Days and Monday's

What happens when Rainy Days and Mondays are one in the same? A SLOW night in cstore land. Last night was painfully slow thanks to a steady rain and the uber cleaning that's been done around the store over the past week, I just about had nothing to do but stare at my reflection in the front door and make faces...which I'm sure was SUPER entertaining to the folks at the pumps.

We had our standard rudeness last night. I even pissed a lady off so much that I carded her that she threatened me if I DIDN'T card her every single time from now on. Really? You're punishment to me for carding you is that I have to do it over and over to make you even madder? You're logic is somewhat flawed oh she with the bad dye-job, but if you insist.


Today's award goes to a new regular who was having a particularly lazy Monday. She's new to our neighborhood and is one of our more fun regulars. She jokes and remembers our names, which is a nice break to the daily grind. Last night she comes in around 9 p.m. looking like hammered ass wearing her Tinkerbell PJ's and a pair of slippers. Now, this isn't some 25 year old girl, this is a woman in her late 40's that should not be out in public in this outfit. No bra. No underwear. It wasn't pretty. Evidently she hadn't left her house all day and had to "run to the store" when she went through her 3rd pack of cigarettes.

She's a nice lady, but come-on. If you're buying 3 packs a day you're spending almost $120 a week on smokes and nearly $500 a month. Spend some of that on nicer PJ's if you're going to wear them in public. Also, you might want to go get a facial and cut back so that you can afford skin care. You may only be 48, but you're face looks like it's 60 from the smoke. Pull it together.

A special thanks to all of you who have let me know how you heard about my blog. The response has been overwhelming and I appreciate you each taking a little bit out of your day to read my ramblings. Also, thanks to the folks who gave me the hints on how to use the tracking software. I've got that down now and can start getting some stats in. Hopefully tonight will be busier and provide some interesting stories for me to share.

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