Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Customer Isn't Always Right

One thing I've learned over the last month at the c-store is that the old adage of "the customer is always right" is frequently incorrect. This has been evident to me in the numerous slurs and creative names that people come up with for me -- if I had a dollar for ever time i was called a bitch I wouldn't need to work at the c-store. But last night, I had an encounter that cemented the wrongness of this statement.

Wednesday and Saturday nights are big for us due to the almighty Powerball. The larger the jackpot gets, it was $97MM last night, the bigger the issues. Now, on these busy nights we have to quit selling tickets at 8:59 -- one hour prior to the drawing. Additionally, the system doesn't allow you to sell tickets for 15 minutes to ensure that there is no "sneaking" tickets in.

So, I had a male customer come in last night at 9:10 wanting to buy two Powerball tickets. The conversation went something like this...

CUSTOMER: Give me two dollars worth of Powerball.

ME: I'm sorry sir, but the drawing for tonight has closed and I can't sell Powerball tickets for another five minutes and then they will be for the Saturday drawing.

CUSTOMER: What! That cut-off doesn't happen until 9:59 because the cut-off is at 10:59 Eastern time. Give me my tickets!

(Now, here is where i went astray folks...i argued with the customer.)

ME: No sir, the drawing is held at 10:59 EST and 9:59 CST...the cut off is one hour earlier.

CUSTOMER: Why are you lying to me?!? I want my tickets for tonight's drawing.

ME: Sir, I can sell you a ticket in a few minutes, but it will not be for tonight's drawing. I can only do what the terminal lets me and it won't let me sell tickets for tonight any longer.

(brace yourself for this one...)

CUSTOMER: You bitch! You probably siphoned off a bunch of tickets tonight and don't want to sell me a ticket because it would decrease your odds of winning!

(Now, just a side note. If you think you're 2 DOLLARS of Powerball tickets are going to "throw off the odds" of someone else winning then you are not smart enough to play the lottery jack-ass.)

ME: Sir, we are not allowed to play the lottery at this store. I can now sell you your two tickets for Saturday's lottery if you'd like them. (because this drug out for five minutes)

CUSTOMER: Of course I want my lottery tickets you stupid bitch. How dumb are you?

ME: Absolutely sir, here are your tickets...have a great night.

Now, I've encountered some people that when i got in the car I thought "wow, what a dumbass" but never have I thought about saying that to a stranger.

The whole country is upset about Kanye West yanking the microphone from Taylor Swift, and admittedly he is a jackass. But that was NOTHING compared to how people are treating folks on a daily basis. Maybe we should get a bit more pissed off about someone screaming at and calling someone waiting on them names and less about some rapper who has a haircut that looks like a freaking corn maze.

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