Monday, August 31, 2009

Drugs are Bad...

Welcome back from the weekend boys and girls. Sunday night was pretty happenin' in c-store land.

I think I've eluded to the fact that we have a little bit of a "drug" issue at our little c-store. I don't believe that I've went into detail on how intense that issue is.

My second night at the store, I asked ProLoft about what was going on over on the side of the store. The conversation went something like this.

ME: "Hey ProLoft, why are there always so many people over by the road in our parking lot?"

PROLOFT: "Duh, they're selling drugs."

ME: "Like what?"

PROLOFT: "Mostly pot, but some coke, crack and a little heroine. Most of it's pot though. I don't know anybody that doesn't smoke pot."

ME: "You mean that they're selling it, right there. In daylight? On a main road?"

PROLOFT: "Yeah, like it's a big deal. They stopped for a while when somebody was busted for selling cocaine next door, but it's no big deal."

So this has continued for the last couple of weeks. Major traffic by the old car-vac, then a steady stream of "i wanna be a gangsta" douche bags coming in for their lone swisher. Not even trying to hide it.

This activity reached a new, and brazen, fever pitch last week when a friend of mine, Travel Girl, came by the store for a visit. We're sitting on the curb chatting and look up to see an exchange happening right before our eyes.

You heard right folks. I'm sitting there in my C-Store couture, the dude makes eye contact with me, gets into the beige Honda and buys his "treat for the evening." Travel Girl and I look at each other, bust out laughing and watch as he pulls over to the gas pump -- because now he has gas money -- and processes sale number two.

What the hell! When I was in high school/college, you knew who the drug dealers were but they damn sure didn't hang out on the main drag to conduct business.

So, the next day, I tell manager about the "extra-curricular" activity that has been going on. His response -- as long as it's not employee's it's not my problem. Okay, the $1.17 Swisher Grape trade cannot be enough business to look the other way.

Flash forward to yesterday and in saunters two members of the Jo's finest, wanting to talk to the "person in charge." Somehow that turns out to be me, although I have no reason why they wouldn't see ProLoft as an authority figure.

Officer Friendly starts asking me when Goldie works. I relay to him that he no longer works here. He then tells me "I got a tip from an informant that Goldie and his little girlfriend BM2 were selling drugs out of this store." Tip? Informant? Dude, you're checking out pot sales at suburban c-store, not a homicidal serial killer on CSI: Miami. Drop the sunglasses and the buzz-words.

I informed him that I hadn't seen anything happening in the store and couldn't attest to things that were done when they weren't in the store with me. I did know that drugs were being sold in the parking lot and gave him a description of the d-bag that Travel Girl and i watched that night. Officer Friendly then passed along his card and asked me to call him if I "remembered" anything else.

I relayed the conversation to ProLoft, who was nervous because she thought I'd tell the officer the names of everyone I knew that worked there and smoked pot. Seriously, if I did that folks, I'd be working every damn shift. She then tells me, "Oh yeah, Goldie sold drugs in here all the time. He knew where to go in the store so the camera's couldn't see him and he made a mint off of it."

She also proceeded to tell me about the BJ's that he'd get from BM's 1 & 2 behind the counter while he waited on customers.


For the life of me people, I can't figure out the sexual allure of this store.

So, Sunday night saw my first questioning from the police, the release of Stoner, revelations from ProLoft and the beginnings of the fall of the JoCo/C-Store drug dynasty.

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  1. OMG - I'm selling my TV; you're much more entertaining! In fact, maybe you could write FOR television. But then again, it might just fly over the heads of the average target audience so it wouldn't last a whole season.

    BTW - I'm in JOCO, KS and this is a great blog. Please keep it coming!