Wednesday, August 26, 2009

C-Store Rave

Greetings from the land of convenience. So I got the scoop today on the release of Goldie. Turns out that Stoner was right and it had nothing to do with Royal Rumble JoCo and everything to do with the $600 in cash and prizes that he accumulated over the last two weeks.

Seriously folks, this isn't the Price is's your JOB. If you guess the price of a pack of cigarettes without going over, that DOES NOT mean that you win them.

I also got an earful from our oh-so professional manager while he was yelling at Stoner on the phone, at the beginning of my shift. Evidently, the c-store is the most happenin' hangout in the Jo overnight. Including a little group activity in the men's room.

You heard it.

Five people.

One restroom.

More than an hour.

If there was ever a reason to hover in a public restroom, that's it.

Also, let's all have a moment of silence for the fact that there is no audio on the security cameras. We don't need the soundtrack for that little event.

Now Clerk K you may be saying. Even stoners need love. Let the kid have his fun.

But here is where you're wrong. I know what Stoner looks like. I know what his friends look like, they come to work with him...evidently employment is a group sport. I've seen his girlfriend and it isn't pretty, she's his girlfriend BECAUSE SHE HAS AN APARTMENT AND HE WAS HOMELESS. When you hear talk of the "great unwashed" they were talking about this group.

This isn't like stumbling onto the male cast of Ocean's 11 banging Angelina Jolie...something mildly disgusting but would most of us would at least stop and take a look at(come on ladies, if you could compare all of Brad to all of George you'd peek!).

This is like moving a van full of dead heads into a public restroom and letting them go about their merry way.

Fortunately though, none of them "bought" a lottery ticket or "purchased" any other merchandise so Stoner still has a job...and I have a free ticket for never cleaning the restrooms on my shift :)

On a side note, the stare'er came in again tonight and bought more lottery tickets. He is determined to win and take me away from it all! Yes, this shapeless, syrup stained polyester polo shirt is the stuff that drives men's fantasies. One losing Powerball ticket at a time.

It is a heavy burden, but one I'm willing to carry.

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