Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

So, as I mentioned this morning, there is too much going on in c-store land for just one post for last night's shift. So here is the sequel.

The latest departure from the store is Goldie. Let me preface this post by saying that I really liked Goldie. Sure he had some issues, and by some i mean a butt load, but he was a likable guy. He worked when he was at work, he was never rude, he was good to the customers and I enjoyed working with him. So, I was somewhat surprised to get the call that he was no longer in the employment of our little establishment.

In talking to my co-workers that came in last night nobody knew the exact act that broke the camel's back.

Was it his constant cell phone usage?

Could it be the steady parade of freaks that came in for free drinks and swishers?

Was it his runs to "take out trash"?

We just couldn't tell until I had a chance to visit with Stoner. Now, he's sure that this couldn't be it because it happened a few days ago. Keep in mind that "a few days" to stoner could be some time in 2002.

Anyway, it seems that "a few days ago" a girl came in that had a "beef" with Goldie's baby-mama #2...we'll call her BM2 for short. Since BM2 was ALWAYS in the store, she informed said rival to "Get out of here and don't come back because this is where i hang with my man." To this, the girl left.

Evidently, some time later, the girl came back to the store and that pushed BM2 over the edge. According to Stoner she raced from the store, pulled the girl through the car window by her hair and proceeded to put an epic beatdown on her ass. In the parking lot. While she was preggers. With Goldie (aka Baby Daddy) cheering her on.

Stoner was quick to point out what a good guy and gentleman Goldie was because "Yeah, he pulled BM2 off of the girl before she could kick her in the face...he didn't want it to go to far."

Kudos to you. We wouldn't want it to go to far. I mean there are limits man. You want to give your second pregnant girlfriend her freedom, but know when to say when...someone might have gotten hurt.

Stoner is sure that this wasn't the reason for the untimely departure of Goldie. I mean, it wasn't like he was kicking the girls ass...he was just watching. I don't expect Stoner to be with us much longer either with that Harvard type logic.

Sadly, BM2 lost her baby the very same weekend as the fight. When I asked them how it happened, they both truly had no idea.


Maybe Royal Rumble JoCo at 8-weeks pregnant wasn't the best decision making process.

Now Goldie is gone from us forever. Good-bye sweet prince, may you make more babies and smoke more pot at another convenience store.

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